The 7 Best Yoda Toys for Babies

May the Force be with you, The Child! On the Disney Plus program The Mandalorian, as well as in the toy industry, Baby Yoda a.k.a Grogu has caused quite a stir. Cuddly plush animals, a talking animatronic figure, keychains, squish toys are all available; there’s even a Baby Yoda Build-a-Bear figurine!

Choosing the cutest and most exciting toys might be tough. So, when we went looking for the greatest Baby Yoda toys, we began by scanning thousands of comments in BabyCenter’s Community, where Star Wars fans have very firm views on which toys are worth purchasing. After gathering their choices, our trained editors conducted research and screening on them. Keep reading to discover the finest Baby Yoda plush toy, an interactive toy for your baby, and more.

Star Wars The Child 7.2-inch Animatronic Edition

This is the Grogu toy that started the craze: a tiny replica of The Child on TV that giggles and chatters just like the real thing. To activate sounds, touch the top of Baby Yoda’s head. Dreamy sound effects will be familiar to viewers from movies with the Force, while the toy’s head, eyes, and ears move realistically. To turn on Force mode, pat his head three times. Baby Yoda lifts one arm, closes his eyes, and sighs as if utilizing his powers while Patting His Head On. Of course, all of this activity is tiring, so lay him down for a nap to allow him to close his eyes and snore softly. The toy’s Mandalorian pendant can also be removed if you like it better that way.

The Child Ginormous Cuddle Plush Star Wars

Made of the finest quality microfiber, this cuddle buddy is delightfully soft and fits comfortably in the palms of your hands. His face features the adorably wistful expression that made viewers fall in love with Grogu in the first place, and he clutches a plush little frog under one arm, an irony that Mandalorian fans will appreciate.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Edition Board Game for Children

With this Star Wars variation of the classic board game Operation, players must go after items stolen by The Child, including a cup of broth, a frog, and a mudhorn egg. Players must use tweezers to grab each piece in the same way as in traditional Operation, and if they make contact with the sides of the game inadvertently it is the next player’s turn. In this nerve-wracking fine motor skills test, the player who removes the most pieces wins.

Star Wars Mission Fleet Expedition Class The Mandalorian The Child Battle for the Bounty Figures and Vehicles

With this playset that includes a tiny Baby Yoda, a tiny hover pram to hold him, and a scaled-down stern Mandalorian who guards him against bounty hunters on the Imperial payroll, kids can re-enact action-packed scenes from their favourite Star Wars movies. The projectile launcher on top of the Mandalorian’s vehicle may be used to fire weapons at foes during exciting imaginary races across the desert, and a jet pack may be mounted onto the figure to allow solo escape options.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Child Real Moves Plush

With this fun interactive toy, which comes with a remote control that attaches to their wrists to make Grogu react with movements and sounds, children are in command of Baby Yoda. He’ll make happy babbling noises if you press the green button; if you hit the red button, he’ll stroll around the room looking for adventure. The yellow button instructs The Child to follow you; pushing the orange button makes his ears and head move about; pressing the blue button puts hide-and-seek mode into action: You’ve got ten seconds to hide yourself before Baby Yoda goes out in search of you if you press it.

Star Wars The Child Talking Plush Toy

When the Star Wars The Child Talking Plush toy speaks to them, children go crazy! When kids squeeze this plush toy, the Baby makes 10 distinct noises reminiscent of his appearances in The Mandalorian and that will bring back memories of a real baby. This toy is endearing and adorable, with sighs, giggles, and wails that make him seem even more so. He comes with a tiny frog companion as well as a bowl for feeding him his favourite soup.

The Child’s Toy Collectible Action Figure from Star Wars: The Black Series

This tiny collectible is a wonderful addition for Star Wars fans who like toys that are tiny and adorable, and while it’s difficult to top Baby Yoda’s cuteness, this little figure manages. It resembles the Baby Yoda on TV, has realistic features and accessories including a one-eyed blue Sorgan Frog, a tiny ball similar to the silver one Baby Yoda was drawn to on The Mandalorian, and a bowl identical to the bone broth bowl he drank from.

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