10 Perfect Toys for Toddler Girls in 2022

With the aid of these toddler girl toys from Fat Brain Toys, you can keep your child active, learning, exploring and growing. Little ones between the ages of one and three absolutely adore these fun educational toys for girls. These are distinct goods that are created with your child’s growth in mind. So while she’s having a good time playing, she’ll be learning new skills and understanding the world around her. To locate the ideal present for a birthday, holiday or another special event, look through our entire collection of toddler girls’ toys.

1. Personalized Name Puzzle

There’s nothing quite like the thrill children get when their name is carved out of high-quality wood, then painted in vibrant colours, and displayed for everyone to see. It’s the smile, the twinkle in their eyes—kids feel special, unique, acknowledged, important, and most importantly LOVED. – And it doesn’t matter what their name is with this puzzle.

2. Ladybug’s Garden Memory Game

On your turn, pick up two ladybugs from the board. If the pictures they reveal are a match, you may keep them. Play until all of the matches have been discovered. The individual with the most ladybugs at the end of the game wins!

3. SpinAgain

It’s a stacking toy that spins, literally! Drop the bright discs onto the threaded corkscrew pole and ooooh as they spin quickly and smoothly to settle on the reversible base. The fun of selecting how to position the foundation is half your toddler’s delight. Choose from among three options: a wobble seat or a solid seat with a twist.

4. Deluxe Busy Time Play Cube

Join a sensory adventure! On all sides of this fascinating wooden play, the table is loads of interesting activities, lessons, animals, and experiences for little zoologists to discover. There’s a train engine with a tiger at the controls and colourful gear wheels that all spin together with a turn of the crank on one side.

5. 2-in-1 Musical Jump ‘n Toss

Toss, jump, and interact with a delighted new ladybug companion! To get the poles spinning, flip the switch – How long can you hop as they spin around and around? Then build the poles into a spinning ring-toss game by rebuilding them into a circle!

6. InnyBin

It’s an incredibly one-of-a-kind tactile experience! The six chunky shape pieces are each made with interesting textures that will appeal to the fingertips. There’s a cube, a diamond, a sphere, a triangle, and the cheerful Fat Brain logo…

But the best part? The cube stimulates curiosity in young children as they push the shapes through the elastic bands. Young brains can’t help but explore, experiment, and discover when curiosity is piqued by this game. It’s wonderfully basic and quite enlightening!

7. Sky Nook

This one-of-a-kind swing, with a lovely pillow seat and soft cloth sides that almost wrap all the way around, is ideal for reading, napping, or just lounging. With the Sky Nook, you may fly into space.

8. Hiding Hedgehogs

Another hedgehog nestled within each hedgehog’s spine is smaller and cuter than the others. Examine the textures and unpack them. Then, attach the tail to the snout. The family will be dragged along by young ones eager to pull!

9. Waddle Bobbers Bath Toy

Let the kids play with them! They’re great for stacking, floating, and sending down the slide. It’s a penguin party on the Waddle Bobbers iceberg! These little penguins have weighted bases to allow you to spin them and make them wobble outside of the tub. Take them into the tub and they’ll float! The seals on both the penguins and the iceberg ensure that no water gets inside.

Fill the tub, release the iceberg, and send the penguins careening down the slide! Whoosh!

10. Dimpl

Five bright silicone bubbles are securely mounted in the sturdy ABS plastic frame, each with a different hue and size. It’s both amusing and fascinating to play it. These beautiful buttons draw little hands like flies to honey!

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