10 Simple Toy Storage Ideas and Tips to Help Your Child Get Organized

The struggle of parenthood is handling the toys of your children. You’re on your hands and knees in the playroom at 10:30 p.m., scouring for every last piece of plastic, if you’re not nagging the kids to tidy up. There has to be a better way — and there is!

The simplest approach to keep kids’ toys organized is to utilize a system that complements their natural inclinations. We’ve gathered the best toy storage solutions for children, as well as expert, advice from a professional organizer on how to create a system that works, in this section. These toy storage ideas and organization strategies will ensure that your children enjoy cleaning again.

It’s Possible to Keep Toys Neat

“Most play areas are dumping grounds for toys, but once a location is prepared with the appropriate constructions and procedures, kids genuinely enjoy cleaning up because it provides them quick satisfaction – and there’s nothing better than that as a motivator”, says Evelyn Cucchiara, also known as The Toy Tamer.

Edit the Toys

Keep in mind that more toys do not guarantee more fun. Only keep toys that your child genuinely likes, according to Cucchiara. Also, try to avoid toys that merely do one thing: a train formed in figure eight is nowhere near as exciting as a train with tracks that may be built up in many ways.

Limit the Number of each Type of Toy

When children are surrounded by too many toys in a cluttered area, they will choose to play with anything for only a few minutes because they’re overwhelmed. Instead of having many of each sort of toy strewn about an entire room, keep just a couple of each type and some puzzles, games, and cans of Play-Doh on hand. Keep or give away what you don’t require.

Build a Bookcase for Toys

A wall of toy storage may be a game-changer. You may turn this into a bench by lowering the shelves low enough. Alternatively, make them kid-height so you can add even more organizational containers up there. This area can expand as your kids get bigger, and they’ll be able to replace those baskets with books as they grow older.

Don’t Forget Hanging Storage

Use the backs of doors to hang shoe racks and store miscellaneous items in them. Make sure you get transparent ones so your children can see what’s inside. Pro tip: Place any messy toys that should only be played with adult supervision up top (we’re looking at you, glitter).

If you have several doors, you may use entire racks to one sort of toy (for example, Barbies, railways, and beanie babies).

Try a Toy Hammock

The greatest toy organizers are the ones that take up the least amount of room on the floor. What’s our favourite feature about it? It takes up absolutely no floor space at all. A toy hammock is ideal for youngsters who collect stuffed animals, but it may also be used to store other toys. You can hang one in a corner of your home or on a wall (as seen here).

Utilize Under-bed Storage

Under the bed or sofa, drawers can be used to stash things like board games, train tracks, and specialized craft materials that aren’t being used. It’s space you don’t want to squander.

Or Lift Beds to Double Your Space

The most straightforward technique to add a lot more play area to your child’s room is to place their bed several inches off the floor. There’s enough hidden toy storage space in this bedroom for cubbies, shelves, and drawers, as well as additional space for a secret reading nook.

Display Small Toys on the Wall

A small toy wall rack looks fantastic and aids in the organization as well. The concept works particularly well with toy automobiles. Children will enjoy picking and choosing their vehicles and putting them back, given children’s affection for cramming things into tiny spaces, according to Cucchiara. It’s not your air conditioning vent this time!

Make Space Below Count

When there’s no need to hide your automobiles, puzzles, or other flat toys under furniture and sofas, you can store them there. Cucchiara stores them on the IKEA Rinnig dish rack to keep them from sliding all the way to the wall. You may simply extend the rack, in that case, to pull the games toward you easily.

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