About Us


We saw that the teddy bear market lacked characteristics like gender selection, size variation, and colour possibilities throughout time. As a result, we began our extensive line of customized bears in various styles and materials.

Our delight has grown into Teddy Bear, which we now offer to you. Our goal was always to provide unique presents that show affection and fondness. We want everyone to feel the love and generosity that only a soft cuddly plush bear can provide, a sensation save a hug, unlike any other present.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make compassionate keepsakes fashionable again! We design presents that save you time while maintaining quality and charm. Teddy Bear is a loving forget-me-not that supplies well-made stuffed bears and innovative teddy bear gift bundles. Keep in mind that it’s the thought that matters, and we’ve poured our hearts and minds through every creation and gift box.

What We Promise

100% cotton velvet, wool felt, and precious woven plush—materials generally reserved for the haute couture industry – create Teddy Bear toys. 

Since Teddy Bear toys are exceptionally well-made and rigorously tested, they outlast international product safety regulations. These cuddly bears are often handed down through the generations as family treasures.

What we promise is the best craftsmanship, elegance, and long-term worth. Rest assured, our plush toys, their charming looks, fluffy fur, and realistic patterns appeal to children. We are the sole option when “only the finest” will suffice.

Our toys and cuddly bear’s excellence assure that they will endure as long as the sentiments they inspire.

What Sets Us Apart?

Teddy Bear is Australia’s leading toy and collectibles supplier. We have unique and highly valued items made using conventional materials and established production procedures.