The Top 10 Cat Toys for Indoor and Outdoor Pets

Keep cats entertained with feather wands, scratchers, and other interactive toys to avoid them from becoming bored.

We’re in the same boat if you can’t go to the pet store for kibble or litter restock without bringing home an adorable toy or two. Nothing is more endearing than seeing your cat play with their favourite toy or watching their tail twitch as they wait for you to open a new cat toy from the box.

Concealed Motion Cat Toy

For the tech-savvy cat, a secret movement toy that encourages them to pounce and play without requiring much involvement from you is a wonderful way to keep them entertained. Simply turn it on and let colourful lights and a fluffy-ended wand entice your cat to dance. It’s ideal for solo endeavours or when they’re on their own, as it has adjustable speeds so you may adapt it to their physical capabilities.

Electric Flutter Rotating Cat Teaser

Set up this automated flutter toy for cats that enjoy feather wands while you work or do housework. The colourful butterflies dance in a random pattern, enticing your cat to bat and chase them. It also includes extra butterflies, just in case they happen to catch and destroy one.

Swimming Robot Fish With LED Lights

These colourful electronic swimming fish provide hours of fun for your cat, while also preventing them from terrorizing local birds and squirrels. Simply turn them on, put them in a bowl of water or a tiny pool, and watch your cat bat them about. They also light up to make the experience even more entertaining.

Electric Moving Interactive Fish Toy

This lifelike fish toy flops and wiggles when switched on, piquing your cat’s interest. It also comes with a catnip pouch for more play appeal and recharges via USB, so you won’t have to worry about changing the batteries.

Robotic Interactive Cat Toy

Keep your cat from chasing your robot vacuum or other pets by putting another animal to chase. These rolling toys move around on the carpet, tile, and hardwood floors in a manner similar to real prey. The collection also includes various attachments so that your cat may play with a crinkle ball one day, a ribbon the next, and a feather the next, keeping things exciting.

Cat Toy Starter Pack

Welcome your new furever buddy with a starter kit that includes several options. With a hidden tunnel, a dangling wand, balls, springs, and mice, this set of 24 toys will give your cat many possibilities as they figure out what types of playthings they enjoy.

Collapsible Cat Scratcher and Lounger with Toys

For tiny spaces, consider getting this foldable corrugated cardboard lounge that also serves as a scratching post. It has an attached bell toy and can be transformed into various forms, so they don’t get bored with it over time.

Automatic, Interactive Laser Cat Toy

Cats (and even some dogs) adore chasing laser pointers. If your cat does, this automatic laser toy will provide hours of entertainment without you having to do anything. The light will flash across the floor and then go off after 15 minutes to avoid overstimulating your cat.

Wool Felt Ball Toys for Cats

For parents who prefer non-noisy toys or that don’t require batteries, these low-fidelity felt ball games are ideal. They’re also attractive enough to satisfy even the pickiest of moms.

Interactive Cat Feather Wand

Give your couch potato some exercise by dangling colourful feathers for them to chase after. The retractable wand adjusts to fit different sizes and types of spaces and comes with a variety of feather bunches to keep things interesting.

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